How is Asphalt Made?

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It’s everywhere on our roads, but how exactly does it get there? Well, asphalt is the glue that holds concrete together. Most road concrete is made of stone or gravel, but in order for the cement to be poured, it must be mixed with asphalt to give it a thick consistency. Asphalt is very viscous, which means that it is very thick, almost like pouring out honey or molasses when it is treated.

In order for it to be mixed properly, it needs to be heated at asphalt production fairfield oh facilities and then mixed with all the stone, sand, and gravel that will make it concreate. Then that mix must be kept hot until it can be spread on the road, where it will eventually harden. It’s a lot like spreading thick frosting, where it will take a lot of work to get the thickness to cover every inch of the cake. The frosting needs to be thinner to allow for the spreader to do less work and still be more effective at covering the cake.

Thankfully, the need for super-hot and thick asphalt is only needed for places like race car tracks and airport highways. Having a warm mix of asphalt is okay for most commercial roads. The temperature is lowered but still allows the asphalt to be spread easily. It also cools and hardens faster, so constructions crews can lay it down and know that it will be ready for use in less time.

While a lot of people see asphalt as a material in making roads, it’s just the glue that gives the concrete road its properties and allows for all the solids to spread easily. Its properties as well as its viscosity make asphalt and interesting, and very important material for the roads of the world.