How to Dig A Well

Sometimes digging a well is done out of the need to provide clean, hot, or regular water to a community that doesn’t have any. Other times wells are dug to get oil, and some wells are dug to just for the ambiance. No matter your reason for getting a water well brazoria county, there are a lot of things to consider when you decide to dig one.

First, you need to be certain that there is accessible groundwater under where you want to dig, and that you have permission to dig there. You’ll need to be sure that you not only have access to the land but also that you can dig there. Also, be sure to look at well records on the land to find previous attempts by those in the past to dig on or near the same spot.

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Those records will tell you if water was found, where the well was dug, and how deep it went. You can also consult maps to see if there are any natural aquifers in your area. Once you know where you will be digging, then make sure to follow your state’s regulations to keep the well water away from anything that might pollute it.

Then look at how you want to drill the well, and you have a few options. You can use shovels, drills, or bored through the soil with power tools. Once a hole in the ground has been made, a concrete casing is placed in the hole to protect against corrosion with a long pipe going inside of it next to touch the liquid. Then the liquid can be pumped or brought up by hand for people to access.

It’s important to boil the water and have it tested to make sure it is clean, but other than that you have a functioning well ready for use!